Quality service, parts, and accessories for your air-cooled VW, and Subaru.

NuVintage has been proudly serving the Colorado Volkswagen community since 1999 and under new ownership since 2011.

We're serving Subaru customers now as well.

Call us or drop by to see what we can offer you and your car.

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Quality Parts

We carry a wide variety of aftermarket and classic restoration parts for air-cooled Volkswagens. If it broke or fell off, we probably have a replacement for it. If you drive a Subaru, we handle all factory recommended services as well as anything from an oil change to a full engine rebuild.

Nu Vintage is an authorized distributor for

Quality Service

NuVintage provides high quality service, maintenance and repair work for your Volkswagen at affordable prices. We can do anything from basic tune-ups to full engine rebuilds, as well as brakes, suspension and electrical repairs.

We like Flat Fours, Boxer Engines, and we’ve recently branched out into Subaru service. We have a technician on staff with over 14 years of specialized Subaru experience.

Quality People

Our staff is made up of Volkswagen enthusiasts who love to drive their classic VWs to work every day. You can rest assured they will take care of your VW as well as they take care of their own.

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Nu Vintage
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Nu Vintage is located near Sheridan Blvd. and Ralston Road, just off I-76. From Sheridan head west on Ralston Road, take a quick left on W. 56th Ave. then an immediate left onto the Ralston Frontage Road

Follow it along to the end.

Labor Times and Rates

Volkswagen Labor Times

Service Hours Price
R&R Engine Long Block 8-10 Hours ~$850.50
R&R Engine Long Block Dual Carbs 9-11 Hours ~$945.00
R&R Engine Long Block Fuel Injected 10-12 hours ~$1039.50
Replace Clutch 3-4 Hours ~$330.75
Replace Carburetor and Tune 1 Hour $94.50
Replace Oil Cooler 4 Hours $378.00
Replace Alternator 3 Hours $283.50
Replace Alternator - Fuel Injected 5 Hours $472.50
Replace Transmission - IRS 6 Hours $567.00
Replace Transmission - Swingaxle 9 Hours $850.50
Valve Adjustment 1 Hour $94.50
Oil Change 0.5 Hour $47.25
Time and Tune Engine 1 Hour $94.50
Bleed and Adjust Brakes 1 Hour $94.50
Eletrical Diagnosis and Repair 1 Hour Minimum By the Hour

Subaru Labor Times

Service Hours Price
Timing Belt 2.5 hours $236.25
C/V Axle 1 Hour $94.50
Wheel Bearings 3 Hours $283.50
Brake Pads/rotors 1 Hour per axle $94.50
Struts 1 Hour each $94.50
Spark Plugs - N/A 1 Hour $94.50
Spark Plugs - Turbo 2.5 Hours $236.25
Clutch 5 Hours $472.50
Clutch - Turbo 6 Hours $567.00
Head Gaskets - N/A 9 Hours $850.50
Head Gaskets - Turbo 13 Hours $1228.50
Turbocharger 3 Hours $283.50

We also perform all factory recommended services but prices are model specific.